28 April 2007

Game 2- Canucks 2, Ducks 1 (2OT)

Yippeeee!!! The Vancouver Canucks defeated the Anaheim Ducks 2-1 in the 2nd OT in Game 2 of the Western Conference Semifinals in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, with the best of seven series now tied 1-1.

Jeff Cowan scored the winning goal in the middle of the 2nd OT, assisted by Trevor Linden after some great fore-checking. I'm not sure how the puck went in--Giguere was pressed right up against the near post, but Cowan's shot slid along the ice right between Giguere's skate and the near post. Wow.

I have to say that after the first game I was extremely disappointed with the Canucks' performance. I wasn't sure whether we were just playing badly, or if the Ducks are just a much better team. After Game 2 I'm glad to see that the Canucks can actually compete with the Ducks, despite being in my opinion the underdogs in this series.

To tell the truth, even if the Canucks had lost this game, putting them down 2-0 in the series and in a big hole, I wouldn't have been too upset. I would have been very disappointed, of course, but overall there's no way I can criticize the effort and intensity the Canucks displayed on the ice. If the Canucks can continue playing this way for the rest of the series I'll be content.

There were only a few minor issues I had. Naslund finally scored a goal, but he also took a few penalties, including one in the 1st OT, though a couple looked kind of weak. Maybe I'm just paying more attention to Luongo than Giguere, but my impression is that the Ducks are bumping into Luongo much more than the Canucks into Giguere. Luongo played much better this game, though he was saved by a couple posts. A couple of Canucks were injured and not dressed for the game, including two of our regular defensemen. If memory serves, we outshot the Ducks, but I think the Ducks had more scoring chances than the Canucks.

I noticed in the previous series, and also in this one, that the Canucks often have difficulty in clearing their zone. This is especially aggravating, and stressful, when they're on the PK--it seems like it's impossible for them to even "ice" the puck (fyi, no icing calls for a team on PK), resulting in several turn-overs in our zone.

Anywhoo, back in Vancouver for Game 3 on Sunday!

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Conrade Yap, (Dr) said...


I think the big difference today is they played as a team. A very tight team. I told my son that if Canucks go to OT, they'll probably win and they did!