30 October 2010

Sunoco -- I Thought I Knew You

I don't normally go to Sunoco to fill up my R32 (it's been several months) but today I stopped at one that's very conveniently located.  To my surprise I couldn't find any Ultra 94.  I walked around to look at the other pumps but, no... no more Ultra 94.  A worker stepped outside to see if I needed help, but unfortunately the language barrier was such that I gave up on obtaining an answer to what had happened to the Ultra 94.

I was going to settle for Premium 91... but then I realized that this location no longer accepted payment at the pump.  Not so convenient for a gas station with a sign that says "Convenience Store", eh?

Anywhoo, these two strikes put me in a state of minor pique -- Sunoco was no longer Sunoco -- I  promptly decided I didn't really need to get any gas then and there, and at that location. 

It was only afterward that I wondered whether the lack of Ultra 94 gasoline was specific to that Sunoco location, or a signal of things to come associated with the merger of Sunoco and Petro-Canada.

25 October 2010

PS3: F1 2010 Update

Update to an earlier post about F1 2010 for the PS3.  I don't know if it can be called a proper bug since it appears to be an AI issue, but it's definitely something that's aggravating.

I've observed consistently that although I'm the first to pit, the crew member with the lollipop is too slow and/or conservative.  I'm inevitably left waiting, pit stop complete, for several seconds as 3-4 cars pass me on the pit lane before the lollipop guy releases me. The only time this doesn't happen is when I'm the only car pitting that lap.

I hope this is something that can and will be patched.