29 April 2006

Herbie and Friends

Last year the Herbie and Friends tour had a stop at a local VW dealership. I loved the old Herbie movies--haven't watched Fully Loaded--so I made time to show up. They also had Herbie v2.0, some Karmann Ghias and VW vans. Here's a selection of pics--for more you can check my gallery.

St. Michaels, MD

I attended a conference at the Harbourtowne Resort in Saint Michaels, MD. This was my second time there, as I was there last year, too. It's a very scenic location, and although with the wind it was a little chilly at times, it was mostly clear blue skies.

Each building had a name--my room was in the Tilghman Point. On the downside, I noticed several ants around the sink in my room. I'd kill three or four, but the next time I checked there they'd be, again! If I had been staying more than one night I probably would have complained.

Site visitors in March 2006

I'm sort of testing something with uploading/posting, but I thought I might as well test with something that might be somewhat interesting. Click this link for a list of visitors to to my websites, by country, in March 2006. The top five were:
1) USA
2) Canada
3) Great Britain
4) Ireland
5) Australia

I skipped "Unknown" because, call me dumb, but I've never heard of that country before.

Thanks for visiting!

Update. Hey, it worked!

23 April 2006

Understanding sitecounters...not!

Maybe no one has noticed, but on this blog I have two different sitecounters, and at www.r32argent.ca I actually have three counters, not including the data collected by my host. So essentially I have four different sources that are supposed to be collecting pretty much identical information. To my great confusion and befuddlement, none of the counters match up. Eh?!

It's stuff like this that gives me a headache.

Update: Well, I removed one of the counters. I decided that in this case more is not better :o)


A while ago a passenger accidentally snapped off the seat release handle/lever on the (surprise surprise!) passenger side. It was easy enough to fix. Check here for more information.

07 April 2006

VG Cats

I thought I'd give an unsolicited plug for VG Cats. This site has a weekly comic strip that mostly references various PC/console games, anime, and manga as its subject matter. I think it's hilarious.

06 April 2006

Rev limiter

Today was the first time I really hit my rev limiter. I've come close before, but this time I bounced--at least, I think I did. I was accelerating in 1st when there was a sudden drop in power. I looked at my tach and the rpms were lower than I would have expected, but I had also let up on the accelerator when I sensed the power loss.

Anywhoo, I knew what was supposed to happen when you hit the limiter, but this was the first time I really experienced it myself. So that's what it's like.

05 April 2006

Driving in the rain

I'm all for adapting one's driving to current road conditions... but do we really need to crawl along at <10mph on a major interstate highway whenever it rains?!

02 April 2006

Spring detailing

I've been satisfied with Klasse, but this year I thought I'd try out some Blackfire products. I think Blackfire has a better wetness to its shine than the Klasse twins, and I'll have to wait to see about its durability. The Klasse AIO/SG combo lasted almost a year, and could have gone even longer if I hadn't wanted to try out the Blackfire stuff I purchased.

I have even more pictures here and there.