07 December 2008

Trapezoid Rule

If you're a hockey fan then you're probably aware of the trapezoid rule, where when behind the net a goalie can only touch the puck within a trapezoid shaped area. This rule was established pretty much because goalie Martin Brodeur is too good at his job.

I suspect Brodeur has mixed feelings about having his very own official NHL rule: the rule acknowledges Brodeur's excellent puck handling but at the same time prevents him from handling the puck.

I wonder if the NHL will retire the trapezoid when Brodeur retires.

I digress. The original intent of this post was to complain about the trapezoid -- goalie Kirk McLean (NHL09 Montreal Canadiens) pounced on a loose rebound to the side and was penalized 2 minutes for being outside the trapezoid.

What the heck!? The puck was definitely in!

Stupid ref.

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