06 December 2008

Introducing Kirk McLean

Currently LW Jean-Luc Picard is the points leader by a 30+ point margin and goal leader by a 50 goal margin at the mid-point of the season where the Vancouver Canucks currently lead the league. With Picard starting the Canucks have won 29 straight games.

Picard averages 3.5x goals and 4.6x points per game. His highest points in a game was 13 (7 goals, 6 assists) and Picard's most goals in a game was a triple hat trick.

Posting all this is not so much to brag (I'm playing the Rookie/easy level, after all -- speaking of which, after playing 75 games Picard becomes "Pro". Is that Pro as in the next skill level? That would be neat) but to provide some info as to why it's become a trifle boring; there's no challenge anymore.

I don't want to start all over again because I've played almost 50 games with this player -- it would be a waste. Plus, Picard is a sure fire way to Stanley Cup success, a fail safe in case other avenues fail.

So... I'm turning elsewhere to indulge my competitive spirit... to an alternate NHL universe where stand-up goalie Kirk McLean joined the Hamilton Bulldogs of the AHL for the 2008 season. After 10 games (10-0-0) with a 2.42 GPG and a 93.5% save percentage McLean was called up to the Montreal Canadiens.

Calling McLean up so early must partly be due to the fact that after 16 games the Canadiens are rock bottom at 30th in the NHL -- McLean's first game in a Canadiens uniform will be to put an end to an 8-game losing streak (the Canucks, by the way, currently are 1st place in this NHL-verse).

I hope it's been the Canadiens goalies Price and Havlak that have been leaking and not the D-men. McLean at 19 is unusually young for a NHL goalie -- I wouldn't want him to be emotionally scarred after being crushed in a poor game.

Can Kirk McLean revive the flailing and failing Montreal Canadiens?

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