07 December 2008

McLean Update

Kirk McLean is going to have a more difficult time carrying the Montreal Canadiens than Picard with the Vancouver Canucks.

The difficulty is in the number of starts. McLean (5-0-0) wins one game, then Carey Price (4-16-3) loses the next two.

A few observations about game play as a goalie.
  • I find the "High" camera view the easiest to play. I found "Low" to have poorer depth perception.
  • In "Rookie" there is a blue arrow indicating the direction of the puck. In the beginning I just concentrated on centering McLean on the arrow but I eventually realized that made me react to events rather than anticipate them. Keep your eye on the puck!
  • Because the camera is behind and slightly above the goalie, when the puck is close in front I can't see the puck because the goalie is in the way.
  • Ovechkin has a mean slapshot.

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