17 August 2006

Dead battery

A couple days ago, after only 24,700 miles and 28 months, the R came down with a dead battery. :o( I eventually ended up at PepBoys because I thought that with a large selection of batteries they would be sure to have one compatible with the R. Wow, was I wrong. PepBoys had to contact Congressional VW to request an OEM battery--two hours to deliver. At this point it was beginning to dawn on me that I might not make it to work at all that day so I said, "fine."

Three hours pass... still no battery. A phone call discovers that the Congressional parts person forgot to arrange for someone to deliver the battery. Wangos! Delivery will be in one hour. Yeah, sure it will. :o(

One hour later... still no battery. Somehow I'm not too surprised. Finally... FINALLY, the battery arrives, and I'm out with a new battery in 20 minutes.

Let's see... from the time I discovered my battery was dead to the time I had a new one installed... 9 hours. When I returned home I promptly e-mailed a complaint to VW Customer Care, though I'm not sure how useful that is given that I was stranded at PepBoys.

If you're interested in more details follow this link.

Anywhoo, I'd been to Congressional VW when I was shopping around for accessories, and even before that when I was looking into purchasing my GTI and later the R. I'm sincerely grateful that I never gave them an iota of my money. And I never will.


Stargazer (original profile) said...

The battery died while you were driving? So you had to wait at Pep Boys the whole time? The R32 has an unusual battery size?

r32argent said...

The battery was dead when I woke up in the morning. After I was able to jump it, I drove to a local dealership but they couldn't fit me in right away. PepBoys had a whole shelf of Bosch batteries etc. but the guy said none of them were suitable. Strange, because the R32 battery didn't seem unusual to me.