10 August 2006

Camber caster toe?

Back when I was debating whether or not to upgrade the R's suspension, one of the concerns I had was whether the 10mm drop I wanted would necessitate the additional expense of control arms to maintain correct alignment. Anywhoo, to make a long story short, no, control arms weren't necessary.

Why only a 10mm drop? First, my intention for installing coilovers was primarily to improve handling, not appearance, and lowering drastically would probably goof up the suspension geometry. Second, I think the stock R is already pretty low, and roads in the DC area are far from ideal. Third, stock Euro-spec 2004 R32s are 10mm lower than their stock U.S. counterparts.

So what's the point of the previous two paragraphs? To provide a proper segue for posting the 2004 VW R32 alignment specs, of course! :p

As always, this and other information on the R32 can be found on the link to the right, titled, surprise surprise, R32 information. Specific information relating to R32 maintenance can be found there, as well.

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