12 August 2006

Close call: he slow, me slow

This morning I was driving behind one of those pick-up trucks big enough to prevent me from seeing anything ahead of it. He was going at a reasonable speed, so all was fine with the world until he suddenly slowed down. I thought he was slowing to make a turn but then he kept going on and on and on. It was a single lane road, no chance of passing, so I was fairly irritated until we passed a police radar trap. Oops. No way he could hear me, but I apologized profusely to the pick-up driver, anyway, for all of my previous mean thoughts. :p

The pick-up must have had a radar detector, though, because it was a curvy road and he slowed down well before he could have even possibly seen the police. I've never thought I'd personally get much value from owning a detector, but today certainly made me reconsider.

What annoys me, though, is that the trap was on one of the roads I like to travel when I'm out for a drive. That particular route now has been forever tarnished by the potential presence of our friends in blue. ;o)

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