11 May 2006

Toast of the future?

Do you hate it when you burn your toast? Then this handy item is just the thing for you! Burnt toast may soon be a thing of the past if the Transparent Toaster ever comes to fruition. This toaster uses transparent heating glass so that famished toasters can keep a hungry eye on the progress of their toasting toast. Unfortunately, the glass doesn't yet get hot enough to do any toasting, so all you end up with is warm bread.

If this transparent toaster ever works out, I wonder if watching bread toast will be as mesmerizing as watching fish in an aquarium, or flickering flames in a fireplace.

Anywhoo, I posted this because I myself have recently rediscovered the wonders of toast. Too lazy to return my toaster to storage--it had been drafted for use by guests--my rediscovery was driven by whim and a desire to use up jam left-overs left by said guests. I'm proud to say that I haven't burned any toast (knock on wood), which is dandy for me, but perhaps not so dandy for the future prospects of transparent toasters.

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