09 May 2006

East Coast R32 GTG #2

This weekend is the 2nd East Coast R32 GTG at EIP (the picture is actually from last year's 1st East Coast R32 GTG). Last year EIP and other sponsors had some great deals, demonstrations, and great door prizes :o) I'm sure this year will be more of the same, though the format has changed. For more information you can check out the plan of events. Last year I picked up a spare tire, upgraded the ECU, and for the price of the gasoline I used to drive up there, picked up a CCAI.

This year I don't have firm plans to buy anything, since the R is pretty much the way I want it. The most I might do is pick up some billet aluminum dash vents. Kind of pricey ($99.95 per pair) for something purely cosmetic. I'll have to see what kind of discount they have :p

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