13 May 2006

2nd East Coast R32 GTG

Today and tomorrow is the 2nd East Coast R32 GTG. Saturday everyone gathered at EIP Tuning to check out one another's rides and to see what deals the different sponsors were offering. On Sunday there will be breakfast and then a caravan to Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia where I think there are a couple club events that are free for spectators. I took a modified route to and from EIP--it still took me the same time to drive compared to my previous route, but there was less traffic through more scenic areas.

I had the impression that EIP turbos were the focus of this year's GTG i.e. encourage people to buy one :o) There wasn't the mad rush and long lines to buy things that I remember from last year. I'm guessing that after two years most everyone already has the relatively inexpensive mods that they want--number-wise I can't imagine as many people able and willing to buy a turbo as say, an intake or chip.

Those with EIP turbos were asked to park out front, and there must have been around fifteen or so. North American Motorsports was a sponsor again, this year. They had some sway bars among other things on display.

Gomobile had on display an R with an amazing sound system--with the bass going you could see the rear wiper vibrating in tune with the music. There's no way you could store anything in the back, though, which gets rid of one of the R's key appeals, IMO.

There were a couple Rs with wheels I would definitely get, if I could spend the money. I'm not sure what brand/model they are, though, or how much they cost--they just look good :p

There was also a custom car with an EIP Turbo--recently I've been whimsically wondering what colour I would choose if I were to repaint my R, but I'd probably stay away from this one. Not that I think it looks bad; it's just not for me.

For many more pics, you can click here.


Stargazer (original profile) said...

Hey! What happened? I thought I made a post here. Anyway, did you go to the cruise today?

r32argent said...

No, I didn't. It was still a productive day, though--I managed to sleep in until 10am ;o)