14 May 2006

Billet aluminum dash vents

Today I installed some billet aluminum dash vents I purchased yesterday at the R32 GTG. The stock vent covers pull straight out, and the new ones go right in. I'd write more but these were so easy to replace there isn't very much to say. These billet vent covers are sold by EIP Tuning for $99.95 per pair--though I bought them at a discounted price. Here's a picture of how they look from the outside; I thought these vent covers might look better than the stock black, given that my R is reflex silver.

You can click here for even more pictures.


Stargazer (original profile) said...

Looks good. How deep are the billet vents? Do they still direct air in the right direction?

r32argent said...

I think they were 10-15mm thick. I tried to line them up properly, so the air flow should be pretty close to the same.