08 October 2006

Oblivious, or inconsiderate?

This morning I intentionally woke up early. It being the Columbus Day long weekend, I was in a particularly fine fettle, looking forward to a relaxing day, and a pleasant cruise in the R after washing and waxing it. My positive mood was shattered when I discovered *two* decrepit vehicles parked *on* the community water hose. Not, one, but *two* separate vehicles. Wangos!

With my sunny outlook rapidly changing to match the pre-dawn light, I stepped out of the R for a closer look. Whew! The hose was merely wrapped around a tire of one car. Gentle tugging freed it. Not so with the rusting blue minivan--its passenger front tire sat squarely on the hose. No amount of tugging would do (believe me, I tried). Wangos!!

Were my neighbours ignorant of what they'd done? Not only the drivers of the cursed vehicles, but whoever had left the hose laying on the pavement? Or did the drivers see that they had parked on the hose, but just didn't care?

Anywhoo, I decided to take the R to a DIY carwash (Ugh. What a rip-off. I'd forgotten how expensive it was to purchase barely enough water to wash a hatchback) rather than wait for the driver of said minivan--did I mention it was rusting, decrepit, and cursed?--to wake up and move the stupid thing.

Driving away, I congratulated myself on managing to leave a polite post-it note (Please and thank-you!) requesting the driver avoid parking on the hose in the future.

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