06 October 2006

Captain Kirk nostalgia

Er, no, not Captain James T. Kirk, but Kirk McLean of the Vancouver Canucks. I still have fond memories of watching the Canucks' playoff run in 1994, backstopped by McLean, who played a significant role in taking the team to the seventh game of the Stanley Cup finals. I miss those good old days. A lot of changes have occured since then (though Linden is still here!), but ever since McLean's heydays in Vancouver I've always felt that the Canucks' goaltending has been shaky, particularly in the playoffs (if they even made it past the regular season). Hopefully Luongo will change that.

Anywhoo, what bought this on? I was reading an article on CNN.com in which the writer's opinion of McLean resembled my own. Who'd of thunk it? McLean is currently number 12 on the 50 Greatest Canucks: Hall of Fame list. Kirk McLean is the "Canucks’ all time career leader among goalies in virtually all netminding categories, including shutouts (20) and wins (211)." Not bad, eh?

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