02 June 2006

Volkswagen Golf V R32 news

It looks like the U.S., and probably Canada, will be getting the new Volkswagen Golf V R32: 250hp 3.2L VR6, 3-doors, with DSG. Expect to see this in July 2007. You can check here for details--at least, what details are currently available. VWvortex news (from the staff, that is!) is pretty reliable, so unless VW changes its mind I'm taking this update as true.

This is good news for those who weren't able to pick up a Golf IV R32, but I don't think an increase in 10hp is that significant especially given that the stock Golf IV R32 probably has closer to 250hp instead of the official 240hp. I say this because of stuff I've read on vwvortex--North American stock Golf IV R32s being described as faster than stock European R32s, and the suggested desire of VW to underrate the R32 to help distinguish it from the pricier 250hp Audi TT.

Anyway, there will be other differences between the Golf IV and V R32s besides horsepower, so it's all good. One of these days I should really try to see if I can try out a car with DSG.

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