24 June 2006

Luongo is a Canuck!

Wowee! This news was a complete and utter surprise for me. Today Nonis acquired Luongo, Krajicek, and a 6th round pick with Bertuzzi, Allen and Auld going to the Florida Panthers. I'd been assuming the Canucks were going to stick with Cloutier for better and for worse, but this makes me a happy camper. This brings a question immediately to mind: are we going to keep both Luongo and Cloutier for a strong 1-2 (or 2-1, depending on how you feel about Cloutier) in net, or will Cloutier be going?

I'm also glad Bertuzzi is gone. He has too much baggage in Vancouver and deserves a fresh start somewhere else.

You can read more details, here.

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