29 June 2008

Blogshares Annual Report

For those unfamiliar with Blogshares, at its most basic it's an online investment game where blogs take on the role of stocks.

As you might have guessed, when I started Blogshares this blog was valued at $1000 - 3000. Somewhere around there, anyways. Needless to say it was a blog only Blogshares beginners would have cared about. I haven't logged in for about a year.

Anywhoo, on a whim I checked out my blog on Blogshares, and imagine my surprise when it's value is now $237,126.61!? What the heck? I don't understand it -- I don't have extremely high-value incoming links, so how did this happen?

To make things even more confusing, my share price is $131.26, compared to Stargazer's Garage's (valuation $201,027.97) $33.27 per share. Eh? Why is his share price 25% of mine, when his blog's value is 85%? Not only that, but Stargazer's Garage has only 6000 shares issued, and I have 11,000.

And that's not all. 7-52 Daily Photo is valued at $49,324.64, but has a share price of $497.37! Though in a way this makes more sense, as only 5000 shares have been issued.

Odd indeed. Oh well, I guess I'll see how it's doing next year.... :o)


billythekid said...

Hi, they implemented a new math in the game a few months ago making some share prices rocket. There are lots of things that determine blog price, particularly incoming and outgoing links. If the blogs linking to you are worth anything your blog now gains a percentage of this. More incoming links from high value blogs = a higher price for your blog, which in turn filters through your own outgoing links...

There are also tricks players can use to inflate blog prices, using game tools and manipulative methods.

Clear as mud eh!


r32argent said...

Interesting, thanks. I didn't see any artefacts being used recently so I did think there must be some complicated math behind it. :o)