01 July 2006

NBC & Wimbledon: a match made in hell

This post is dedicated to the oh-so-wonderful people at NBC ::bigthumbsdown:: who in their vast wisdom decided that they don't need to show *live* matches in their Wimbledon coverage. People actually *prefer* watching sports events after knowing how they end--knowing the outcome of a match before actually watching it is *much* more exciting and entertaining.

Earlier today I was watching *ahem* live coverage of Wimbledon on ESPN when the announcers stated that they would not be able to finish airing the current match because at 12 noon (EST) Wimbledon coverage would switch to NBC (Boooooooo!). Okay, no big, I thought, and switched channels. To my supreme disgust I discovered that NBC (double boooos!) was airing a *completed* match rather than a live match. Wangos! Wangos wangos wangos!

Sure, this was Agassiz's (mucho kudos, btw) last match at Wimbledon--but see, I knew it was Agassiz's last match because I *already* knew that Agassiz lost. Just how did I know? Am I psychic? Can I forsee the future? Nothing so X-File. I knew because Agassiz's match was done long before 12 noon (EST) and before NBC (Boos to infinity and beyond!) finally toddled in to the room. Show highlights, match point, Agassiz's speech and final bow, but not the match in its entirety when there are still live matches playing.

Ugh. Just thinking about it is starting to annoy me again. NBC (Boos to infinity and beyond times two!!) doesn't deserve to have Wimbledon coverage. Imagine how much more annoyed I'd be if they did something like this during the NHL playoffs!?

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