19 July 2006

Coming down with the MIL

MIL: Malfunction indicator light, also known as the dreaded check engine light.

Ugh. This past Saturday under hard acceleration I heard/felt the engine "click" but didn't think anything of it. Moments later, though, I noticed the MIL had come on. In retrospect I wonder if it was my imagination, something completely unrelated, a mere coincidence, or not. ::sigh::

The MIL persisted until yesterday evening when without notice it disappeared. As I had already made an appointment at Pro-Imports, I still wanted to see what codes might have come up. They found four codes, all of them dealing with inconsiderate cylinders 1, 2 and 3. Those darn misfiring misfits! Anywhoo, Pro-Imports checked things out, cleared the codes, and recommended I drive the R for a week and then bring it back in to see if any new codes appear.

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