25 March 2006

Project complete!

Hurrah! All the performance modifications I wanted for my R32 have now been installed :o) When I first purchased this car, I ultimately wanted to get three things: HIDs, upgraded suspension, and a rear sway bar. Due to fortune (of the good kind!) and a change of mind, I went a little above and beyond that. In order of installation:
1) EIP short shift and lower rear transmission mount (July 2004)
2) EIP ECU upgrade (April 2005)
3) VW OEM HIDs (May 2005)
4) H&R 21mm RSB (May 2005)
5) EIP CCAI (May 2005)
6) HPA Motorsports SHS coilover suspension (March 2006)--installed Monday this week. Having driven it for almost a week, now, I don’t know why I was initially hesitant about installing it. Anywhoo, more information and driving impressions on my dedicated R32 website. FYI, I've also updated a couple other things, too.

Any future modifications will be purely cosmetic :o)

EIP street series short shift:

EIP lower rear transmission mount:


H&R 21mm rear sway bar:



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