27 July 2013

The Wolverine

Wow.  I've found that I tend to rate movies more highly when I walk out of the theater, then with time the rating might drop when I start comparing it to other films I've seen.  What brought this up?  Well I've noticed that recently I've been giving movies perfect scores, and others in the past I don't understand how I could have rated them as high as I did.

Regardless, I think The Wolverine will withstand the test of time.  I think it's definitely in the same discussion as Man of Steel and Iron Man 3

The Wolverine is based on one of the best storylines from the comics, and overall I enjoyed this interpretation of it.  I liked some of the changes they made to the original story, but wish they could have left or fit other parts in.

Anywhoo, I just have a few comments, though this time they have major ***SPOILERS*** so be forewarned.
  • I've never been a fan of actress Famke Janssen, particularly as the character Jean Grey.  Perhaps she just didn't fit the preconception of the character I gleaned from the comics.  However, I thought she was okay, in this movie.
  • SPOILER WARNING, REDUX.  At one point Logan reaches in to his chest to remove a mechanical bug attached to his heart.  But since his entire skeleton is laced with admantium, how did he reach through his ribs?  Kind of awkward having to reach between with just his fingers (or claws) to rip out something apparently firmly clinging to his right ventricle.  Especially without anesthetic or assistance.
  • I'm okay with Logan losing his metal claws, though it is still puzzling.  I thought his bone claws were merely laced with admantium, not separate.  Though I guess the bone could have regrown/healed during the battle?  Pretty quick, even for Logan.
  • The whole 'two hands' to hold a sword felt a little gimmicky;  they put more screen time into the foreshadowing than the actual event required/deserved. 
  • I thought Mariko's ninja friend's change of heart happened a little too quickly/abruptly.
  • As soon as the metal samurai started moving, I kind of guessed where it was going in regards to the 'great reveal' at the end; so, in a sense it was predictable.
I actually think this movie was just as good if not better than Man of Steel, but I'm trying to temper my enthusiasm; this is a movie I'm definitely buying the BD (unlike ::cough:: that other solo Wolverine movie-  ugh.)

I rate The Wolverine 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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