15 June 2013

Man of Steel

Fortunately, I watched Man of Steel, today.  I say 'fortunately', because the cinema I normally go to for new movies isn't showing Man of Steel in 2D.  3D, yes.  IMAX, yes, and even a second type of 3D, but not 2D.  Anywhoo, I managed to find a cinema showing it in 2D, and there I went.

Man of Steel was definitely worth the time and price of the ticket.  Though once again, the movie started late.  At the 'official' movie start time, the cinema showed ten straight minutes of commercials -- not movie previews, and not the 'while you're waiting for the movie to start' fluff.  The movie previews came after the commercials.  I fear this is the new normal.

So, anyway... as I said above, Man of Steel is a good movie, perhaps even a great one.  Henry Cavill was great in his role, Amy Adams was good, as were all the other actors.  There were a couple things here and there that bothered me, but it's more nitpicking things, and occurred mostly in minor character scenes, though there was one bit I felt they could have explained more explicitly the antagonists' rationale for a human co-captive.

It's hard to compare Man of Steel with Iron Man 3 because while they're both superhero movies, they each have their own tone.  Iron Man 3 went for more laughs and silly stuff amidst the drama and action, while Man of Steel took on a more serious tone overall, the humour more subdued, or not so obviously deliberate and frequent.

Without spoiling anything, I'll just say that I liked how in Man of Steel I could recognize and sympathize with all the major characters' motivations, even that of the main antagonist, making him a slightly more tragic figure rather than a run of the mill power/money hungry cardboard villain.

Man of Steel, 5 out of 5 stars.

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